Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick little things

Little things get completed quickly. I started this beret last Saturday and finished it on Friday even though I didn't knit every day. It is cute.
I started this yesterday. It is a fingerless mitten out of the mink/cashmere leftover yarn. I hope I have enough to make its mate. Quick easy knitting. It can get addictive to make little things since they are like potato chips. It is hard to stick to one.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Flowers are a sign of spring. Yesterday we were in Washington DC and decided to go see the cherry blossoms. The National Mall was packed with people. Of course, I had a lovely camera around my neck but was taking pictures with my cell phone! Why? Because the lovely camera was out of battery charge and wouldn't take any photos. sigh Here's the Washington monument with the crowds in view. It was a gorgeous day and it felt as if the entire population of the US was out there.
Aren't cherry trees in bloom beautiful? This one has a lovely shape and a very delicate appearance. I came home to find my very own cherry tree in full bloom. It isn't pink but it has a lovely lacy appearance. The sad part is that it doesn't last long. It will be done with its blooming in a week or less. double sighTo celebrate spring, I started a very spring-like knit. This will be Reverie. The yarn is Schaefer Nichole.

Finally, I am done with 3 pairs of wrist brace liners. Thank goodness. This is the most boring knit ever. Fortunately I only have to make them every 4-5 years. Here's the last pair.
I hope all of you are having a wonderful Easter weekend!