Sunday, October 5, 2008

The end is in sight!

I just finished the colorwork on one sleeve and I had to take pictures to show off. I chose the last round of apples from the yoke and made the main color the background for the last round instead of the new background color that is introduced in the yoke. I'm pretty pleased with the result. I did one more round of main color and then a turning round for the hem so the colorwork will be right at the cuff. Now I have about 11 rounds of hem to do before that sleeve is done. One more cuff to go and then it is all sewing up.
I thought I would also leave you with a tip on how I count and manage increases/decreases. I think I got this from one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books but I don't remember. I count off as many coil-less pins as I need for the shaping. In the case of this sweater that was 45 for the sleeves. I pin them all in a big clump to the knitting. As I do each increase/decrease, I move one pin from the clump to that st. I pin right into the st that is the decrease or the increase.

Then all I have to do is count up from the last pin for the number of rows/rounds between each shaping action. In this case it was every 4 rounds. So all I had to do was count off 3 rounds. In this fuzzy, fine yarn it was hard to see sts so I counted the holes in the middle of each st. When all the pins are gone from the clump, the shaping is over.

If there are variations in the number of rounds between the shaping, it is easy to see the difference in spacing between the pins.

I hope next week's post will feature a completed sweater.


twinsetellen said...

It is looking wonderful! I also use EZ's trick to track decreases. It is totally necessary on this gauge!

Ruth said...

What a beautiful Bohus sweater. Can't wait to see it finished.

Nancy said...

The cuff is wonderful. You surely made an excellent decision. Seeing the bohus finished and modeled will be superb!

Michelle B said...

Wow - that's beautiful. I can't wait to see it on.