Saturday, September 1, 2007

Decisions, decisions

I like to make sure that I have something to work on at all times. I finished the stole last night and wanted to pick something else up after I wove in the ends. I have a pair of socks and a wrap on the needles but both of them were at work. I needed to bring them home but I worked from home yesterday and so did not have the opportunity to bring them back.

So I took out the Wild Apple Bohus that I have wound into balls and am ready to start. I thought I could cast on and begin the neck. But, my 2mm circular needles are in the sock that was at work! I have lots of 2mm double points but only 2 circular needles as I prefer dpns. However, for a sweater neck, circulars are better. Therefore I could not start that. I only work on one item at a time so beginning another was not an option. I could have started something else but I really want to finish the wrap and start the Bohus. The wrap is my mindless knitting project while the Bohus will be a complex knit until the yoke is done.

I didn't start anything. I toyed with the idea of casting on to dpns and switching to the circulars after I bring them back but I decided against it.

I have a mini-rant today. Why is it that knitters think they are entitled to knit everywhere? I am a really long time knitter - at least 4 decades long. I knit everywhere I can and take my knitting everywhere I can. But I don't knit EVERYwhere and I don't expect to. I don't knit at meetings unless others are OK with it. I don't knit where it clearly says I can't and if someone asks me to put it away, I do. The latest debates seem to center around planes. Apparently there are some airlines (Quantas was one cited) that don't allow knitting needles so people are coming up with ideas on how they can knit on such flights including smuggling needles on board. Why? Isn't being part of a civilized society obeying rules? Anarchy results from people not following the rules.

What is really funny, though, is that this thread is interspersed with another thread about accidents involving dpns on one list. On the one hand we have people reporting how they ended up injuring themselves inadvertently on their needles, and on the other they are claiming that they should be allowed to circumvent security with their needles.


vanessa said...

i hate it when you don't have the needle you want when you want it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you blogging!

And, I couldn't agree more with you about the Must Knit Everywhere issue. Sometimes it's against the rules, sometimes it's rude, and sometimes it's just not practical. Nobody's knitting mojo ever fell out as the result of having to tuck the needles away for a few hours.

mehitabel said...

Amen to your comments on Must Knit Everywhere! I will sometimes have the knitting with me, and leave it in its bag, because it wouldn't be welcome. And on planes? Well, I flew to and from Europe in May, and while the knitting was welcome going over, it wasn't coming back. So it went into the checked baggage, and I read and listened to the iPod. I lived!
Of course, that's also an illustration of why I am no-mail on most lists.