Monday, September 24, 2007

Podcast reviews

I am traveling for the next few weeks so instead of talking about my knitting, I am going to talk about knitting podcasts. I downloaded a bunch of these to check out on my travels and thought you might like a peek at some of them so you can pick and choose among them.

For those of you who haven't heard a podcast, it is something you download onto your portable music player. It is a very democratic way of sharing something about yourself, like a blog, because almost anyone can create one. You get some software, a mike and talk about anything you want. People can download the recording and listen to it if they feel like it.

I started listening to podcasts while I walk. I found that it was a nice change from music and some of them are quite educational. My favorite ones are from Fitness Rocks and NPR. However, I thought I'd listen to knitting ones while I travel.

I have to listen to one more episode of each of these before I form an opinion. Neither was a typical podcast for the two that I downloaded. The first one, from Rycrafty, is called A Very Palpable Knit. It was a very nice podcast about Rycrafty. However, it was her first podcast which was an introduction to her and not typical of what she intends her podcasts to be, she says. So I have to listen to another one. She has a very lovely voice with a British accent and talked about how she taught herself to knit, her stash, and her temp job where they didn't mind if she knit when she was free. And she was free a lot!

The second one was called About Time by Whit Larson. She talked about the road less traveled and related anecdotes in her life where she did just that. She also interviewed Wren Ross, a singer who also designs knitting patterns. She finishes up with some excerpts from Wren's book Changing Patterns. Lastly, the podcast ends with Wren singing a hat pattern set to music. Whit's podcast website is About Time. I am not satisfied that I am getting to the correct website so I own't post it. Again, I am not sure this is typical of her knitting podcasts so I have to listen to another episode to get the feel of it.

There are about 50-some podcasts that I've downloaded so I hope I don't have to listen to two of each one! I may never get done. If you don't hear from me again, I'll be knitting and listening to my knitting podcasts.

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