Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The large black thing

I have been knitting on my large black thing. At present, there isn't a lot of technical complexity involved so I won't go into a lot of construction details yet. It is a wrap, for my sister-in-law, who asked me to make her something she could wear over her sari. Sweater sleeves get in the way of the sari and while she lives in a HOT place, she travels to colder climates and needs something warm.

The large black thing is made of alpaca and is going to become interesting to knit shortly. At present, I am knitting a large black rectangle which will cover one arm and shoulder. After the interesting bits, I will have to knit another large rectangle to go over the other arm and shoulder. It is mindless but not mindless. I have a lot of sts and it is black so making mistakes is wasteful from a time and patience perspective. I have markers after each repeat and I count to make sure I am on track because I have knit for long periods of time in a Zen-like meditative state and done the same row 4 times instead of twice. I can fix this as I go along as the st pattern is just knit and purl triangles but being black, it isn't fun.

What is it about eyes and age? I have been vision-challenged since I was in first grade so I understand the whole not-being-able-to-focus-on-things. In fact, age has helped me somewhat as I can now focus on things a few inches from my nose without corrective lenses. When I was younger I had to hold things right up to my nose to focus on them. But what I find frustrating is how much more light I need to see things. For example, the lights in my family room just seem to be inadequate no matter how much wattage I add. I need to look at my knitting in daylight or under a daylight lamp to really look at it after dark - especially when it is black. sigh

To relate that complaint back to the large black thing, I have to pay attention as I knit because I don't want to fix mistakes in stuff that I can't see. It takes too long and tries my patience. I have very little patience to begin with and I don't like to use up my quota of patience on my knitting. I need to save it for more important things.

My real rant today is against myself. I have a dual personality. Before dinner, I am the epitomy of healthful eating and living. I enjoy eating healthy foods, I stay away from junk, I drink water, I exercise and I'm happy doing all these things. But come 8 or 9 pm at night, I turn into this other person who likes to eat things like Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, and other salty, sweet, greasy stuff. Why? What happens at that time? Is it like the full moon in the life of a werewolf? even bigger sigh

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