Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knito, ergo sum

I have very mixed emotions about blogging. Blogging is a one-many relationship rather than a many-many relationship like a community. In a community, anyone can talk to anyone else and have different relationships within the community. It is a network. Blogging, on the other hand, is a relationship between the blogger and the readers of the blog and all other relationships go through the blogger.

But, there are many times when I want to write about my knitting and share my point of view with others and lists are limited to words. When I post my point of view to most lists, I can almost imagine the confused looks from most members. Having the ability to provide visuals is becoming more important and that is why I am blogging.

So what is this blog about?
Mostly it is about me. जया. That is my name in Sanskrit and it is the feminine form of victorious. Many years ago, I was christened the Queen of a project I was working on by a friend and colleague. So the tsarina comes from queen and my philosophy is 'I knit, therefore I am'. For the Latin scholars out there, cringing at my grammar, I apologize in advance. I have never studied Latin. I made this up and if you want to correct me, I would love to get the correct phrase.

I will mostly blog about knitting, but I reserve the right to write about whatever is on my mind. Right now, that is mostly trying to get more hours in the day. I am extremely busy at work, I have books in my queue that I need to read, there are chives growing in my walkway that I need to kill, and I have to prepare for two classes next week. I have to finish editing a pattern for a project in an upcoming Interweave Knits book and finish a stole that is the sample for a class I'm teaching this fall. I don't want to do any of these things. I want to sleep and knit something mindless.

Oh well... some day I will

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vanessa said...

your name is lovely in sanskrit.