Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Even more Podcast Reviews

I should interject in here that I haven’t come across a fiber podcast I didn’t like yet. What you are getting are my personal opinions and thoughts on each one as well as a summary of the episodes I sampled. My objective is to help you find the podcasts you like based on what you want from them: Entertainment? Knitting tips and techniques? The feeling of being part of a knit and chat session? Broader thoughts on designing or the creative process or reviews and news? I’m hoping that you can sort through my reviews and summaries and more quickly find the ones that meet your needs.

CraftLit: This is a very different podcast. You get to listen to books while you knit. I listened to chapters from Tristan and Isolde. I’d never read that so I found it enjoyable. Frankenstein is next. The chapters are interspersed with commentary, music and personal thoughts. CraftLit is going into my regular rotation. It is also one of the regular podcasts that has been going on for a long time. I have to start with the beginning of Tristan and Isolde rather than the middle!

The Creative Mom Podcast: I listened to a couple of episodes of this one as I was intrigued but not completely sold. It is more about the creative process than knitting. She is an artist and talks about her medium, suggests books to read on the creative process, and has an Artist Trading Card Exchange as well as a yahoogroup. The podcast features announcements of the segments by her kids, which I liked. There is a theme to each one. I also liked the suggestions of books to read for kids. I am not sure I am going to continue to listen to this one, not because it isn’t a good podcast (which it is) but because it isn’t really what I’m looking for in a podcast.

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