Saturday, November 10, 2007

A busy week

I haven't posted in a week mainly because I was waiting for my new bag. I thought I'd photograph it after it arrived Monday and post an entry. But I didn't get around to taking pictures till this morning and somehow blogging about it without pictures seemed like a waste. So here it is! It is a lovely silk brocade - not very durable but pretty. It is also very practical.
This is the bag with the front flap open. As you can see there are two pockets for gadgets. I have my PDA and my cell phone there. There is a zippered pocket on the front flap also where I keep papers. There are two pen clips, one on each side of the gadget pockets. You can see the unused one as a black tab on the left of the PDA. Unfortunately, the flap is secured by velcro, which I don't like very much. Those two black circles on the flap are two grommeted holes so one can thread one's headphone cord through one of them with a music player or cell phone in the gadget pockets. Very well thought out.

Just below the strap is a nice D-ring for keys. I used to clip my keys to the zipper pull on my last bag. I didn't find that too practical as one has to pay attention during the clip/un-clip process. This is better. Also the bag is padded in the back and flexible so it is very comfortable to wear across the body.
Another practical thing is a reinforced band just below the D-ring. You can see it without anything on it in the first picture and with my ipod clipped to it in the second. It is a good place to clip your cell phone or ipod for quick access. I haven't used this yet and I think I wouldn't put my ipod there but I could see putting my cell phone there if I was expecting a call.
I also read a very moving book about knitting this week and how it helped people get through emotional crises in their lives. The book is "The Knitting Circle" by Ann Hood. I tend to get really involved in the books I read and I found myself in tears at various places in the book. I am not usually someone who reads books about knitting and I rarely read fiction that isn't a mystery. I found this on the new book shelf at the library and borrowed it on a whim. I really enjoyed it.

I was also focused on completing the large black wrap. I am pleased to announce that the body is done. I need to pick up and knit the shawl collar and then I'll be done. It has some heft to it but it is a good size. I hope the recipient likes it. I am getting psyched about finishing it as I want to start my Bohus.

Other than that, I was busy because math tutoring has started so Wed night was devoted to that. I had teleconferences for work on two other days which only left me Monday and Friday as knitting days.


Janice in GA said...

Where did you get the bag, if you don't mind me asking?

Jaya said...

Hi Janice,
I got it from ebags but they don't seem to have it any more. It is by Chums and the name is Sherpa. Here's a link