Monday, June 22, 2009

Shawl progress

As you can see, the shawl has grown. This is two-thirds of it as I have finished 2 out of the 3 skeins of Outback Mohair that I have. I will just keep knitting till the last one is done, finishing with 6 rows of garter st. It is an easy knit as long as I pay attention to the pattern rows and the fact that the wrong side rows alternate between a knit and a purl. I've forgotten that knit row many a time and had to fix it.

I find knitting with larger needles and yarn is harder on my hands than the smaller ones. I can definitely feel my sore arms when I work on this. I can't just keep knitting without thinking. I have to stop and stretch and give a lot of breaks. But still, it is a quick knit. I hope to finish it this week and move on to smaller and more interesting things.

Next up is a gansey for my son. I will start researching it and I think I may do a reproduction of one of the older ganseys in the historical books - Gladys Thompson, Rae Compton or the Dutch gansey book. More on that later.

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