Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nothing knitting-wise to report

I have no knitting news. I am knitting but I can't post about it. It should be done this week and then I can start talking about knitting again.

So all I can discuss is the knitting that is on my mind. I have been picking classes to teach in the spring at the local yarn store. I am thinking through what needs to be done to finish the Stor Rund Dug shawl which is my next objective. Lastly, I am debating what I should start next - there are a couple of major projects that I want to knit:
  • Rose Lace Collar Bohus
  • Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl
Additionally, I need to make my niece a stole and I have to knit my wrist brace liners. So many decisions...

Sorry for the boring update this week. By next week, I hope to have some news on what I'm knitting next.

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