Sunday, March 6, 2011

I think I'm getting this drafting thing

I have spun up all my miscellaneous fiber, i.e. fiber that has an uncertain provenance in my memory. I have one last braid of some dark brown to spin up. Can you believe that I went from an empty bobbin to a half full one in a little over a week? I was struggling to spin on the Tina when I was not completely fresh in mind and body. It felt discombobulating if I was the least bit tired. This, on the other hand, is something I am able to do for a few minutes a day and work on improving my drafting. I have been watching Rita Buchanan and Patzy Z draft and experimenting with my hands.
I also have been working on the RLC. The short rows are done and I am now committed to knitting in the round for a long time. I love, love, love the Bohus yarn in my fingers. It is so wonderful and the fabric it creates is immensely satisfying.

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Roberta said...

Oh my, is that what I think it is? May sell my Lendrum and get one. Something I've been considering for some time.
Patsy Z. is the best teacher ever IMHO. Will be taking another class from her in a couple of weeks.

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