Sunday, April 24, 2011

First skeins

I have a couple of first skeins to show off. First the oogly one - the colors are ugly, the yarn is ugly and I just don't like it at all. This was spun up from miscellaneous fiber which included the first and the last of my first bobbins. This picture shows some of the better and the worse parts. The black and red isn't bad - it is composed of the last singles I spun. The grey/taupe and red are the worst parts. The red is among the first stuff I was spinning when I was struggling to draft. The gray is the same Shetland top I am currently spinning but it is just awfully drafted - big blobby bits. The two singles I plied together were spun on the Hansen - the black and the taupe - and the Tina, the red and the gray.

On the whole, I am not disappointed as it shows the progress I have made. But not something that I would show off with pride.
This is the second skein. Also miscellaneous fibers but plied using Navajo plying. The singles are more consistent although all of them weren't spun by me. The teal and purple were on the Hansen bobbin when I got it. The rest of the colors are my singles. This is not bad. It is pretty consistent yarn and I could make something like a cowl with it. I plied it on the Hansen. I am enjoying spinning on the Tina and plying on the Hansen.

Not bad, eh? I could show off this skein.
Lastly, some progress on the RLC. Sleeves are started and making progress, albeit slowly.
Wish me luck on finishing the two sleeves by the end of the month. I have to stop then and work on a couple of things that have deadlines. It would be nice to have completed the knitting and just have the finishing left to go when I have to stop.

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Anonymous said...

you go girl, your doing great with your spinning!