Sunday, May 8, 2011

Awash in natural tones

It seems like all the projects now are in natural tones. The RLC has been put away till the next two projects are done. The one above is what I'm knitting. It is the other end of the spectrum from the RLC in terms of needles and gauge. I am constantly marveling at how quickly it grows!

This is what is left of 8 oz of Shetland top. It will be the last of 4 bobbins. 2 bobbins were in value order from the light to the dark. That will be one single.
This is the third bobbin. It is spun in random value order and random lengths. I just reach into the bag above and pull out a color and spin it. These two bobbins will be the second single. I am enjoying this process but I really want some color!

1 comment:

Elysbeth said...

Gorgeous, can't wait to see these plied. ?plyed? Yup I meant plyed. :). But if you want to ply me with handspun I won't resist ;)