Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seasonal color

Looking out through the french doors in my family room, I see my backyard. There is a really good mix of greens at this time of year. There are blue-greens and yellow-greens and all together, it is the color of the season.
Maybe that is why I was drawn to this superwash merino top. I got it as a gift from Thérèse, the genius behind knitfinder, the easiest way to find patterns that meet a set of specifications. At the time I got it, I didn't think I could do it justice but it seemed just right for now.
This is what it looks like as top. I liked the colors but I didn't have any inkling of how it would spin up. This is what is left of the first half of the top which came in two balls.

This is what a single looks like. As you can see, it really reflects the colors out in the backyard. I will be doing a 2 ply. The superwash merino is a long stapled fiber and it drafts easily.

I am including a picture of my bobbin and flyer on the Tina as I have a question. How would you switch from hook to hook to even out how the single winds on to the bobbin? I have tried going up one side and down the other, going from the first on the right to the second on the right, then second on the left to third on the left, etc. and from the first on the right to the first on the left and then the second on the right to the second on the left. I like the first method best but the singles wind on in lumps. The other methods seem to make for an more even wind-on but are not as easy to actually execute.

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