Sunday, December 11, 2011

More on nupps

Colleen, thank you for the helpful suggestions on nupps. I tried doing the double wraps on some and all of the yarn overs. However, for me, the nupps turned out very sloppy. But your suggestion to tug on the nupp did the trick. For me, tugging on it after slipping the 6 loops over the first p1 made lovely even nupps.

All that experimenting resulted in nupps that looked very different from each other and the result was messy. So I ripped it out and started over.
Now I am happy with the resulting pattern. It is looking like lace. Yay! On with the remaining 10 repeats to finish the stole.


Colleen said...

I love how knitting works! The Haapsalu book is where I learned about pulling down, Rav is the source for double wraps, but the person on Rav double wrapped all, and loved it. I double two, and love it, you 0 and love it! But pulling down is key...I can't even get my needle in without the double wraps...but,working is working, and I'm glad it helped, although I was betting you'd be frogging after figuring out the nupps! Frustrating, but this lace is sooooo very gorgeous, it's worth it!

Cheryl Oberle said...

You do have to tug on your nupps!
I remember Nancy Bush made it very clear in the class I took from her right before her book on Estonian Lace came out. Give 'em a tug and they drop into place. Glad Coleen reminded me!

Yarny Days said...

Oh so beautiful! It is a gorgeous pattern.