Monday, August 26, 2013

And now, for something fiber-related

This is a short segue into what I've been up to with respect to spinning and knitting.

I took knitting with me on the trip and managed to make some progress on a very long stretch of stockinette. I am making Viajante with the mink yarn I purchased a few weeks ago. It starts with a basic garter stitch triangle and then you join the stitches in a circle and continue knitting. But at this point, the pattern has one decrease at the join every other round and increase at the triangle center point every round. The increase-every-round was giving me fits. No matter what increase method I used - and I tried three - there was a big hole on the left hand side increase. I think it has to do with how I knit. So I decided not to do the decrease and just increase every other round. Yes, the effect will be slightly different but who says I need to recreate what the designer did?

Here it is
That is two different angles showing the angled base as well as the increase line.

I also finished spinning the second single and plying/finishing the last of the fiber in project unlayer. So now I am done with all the wheel spinning I was doing.
I spun this a bit thick and lightly twisted but plied it a bit tighter to make what I hope will be an fluffy but durable yarn. It is Romney so that should help the durability. I want to make mittens for myself and maybe a hat if there is enough yardage.

I also blocked the Bryce Canyon shawl...

I also wanted to share some of the jewelry and stuff I bought in Australia. I got some jewelry at an arts center fair in Melbourne.
This is a very interesting scarf. It is a silk scarf that has beads and a hook on the other end. You can wrap the scarf around your neck and then hook the beads into loops as you please to make a necklace/scarf.

The top photo in the collage is the jewelry I bought. The left two are dichroic glass and match. The right hand side is gold dust inside a glass bottle. The bottom one is a stone that is enclosed in an openable sterling silver cage.

The bottom photo is gifts that I bought for others. Left to right: handpainted linen towels, a skein of handpainted merino sock yarn, possum fur insoles and a handpainted notebook cover with accessories.

That is all for now. I tried spinning some silk and it drove me nuts so I put it in timeout. I tried it on the minispinner so I may try it on the spindle.

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