Saturday, October 12, 2013

More knitting from handspun

I decided to put the Viajante away for the trip since it was getting a bit big and bulky. Instead, I took the Romney that I had spun for mitts. I didn't have a mitt pattern in mind but was intrigued by the construction of one that I saw on Ravelry. I don't even remember which one it was because there were many aspects of it that I didn't like.

Anyway, I started and finished one mitt on the plane and started the second. I definitely did not help myself with the right tools. I had brought a number of needles as I didn't know which one would work. A size 7 was perfect. It made a nice dense fabric. I am also pleased with the way the colors have turned out on the yarn. It is the Nebula colorway from Into the Whirled.

The construction is simple. It is a rectangle with a button band on one side and a buttonhole band on the other. I used a k1, p1 followed by an all knit row and then a p1, k1 with the same all knit row. The ends curl a bit but won't once I button up the sides.

At the correct point, I put 7 sts on a holder (FAIL #2 - no holder) for the thumb. I resorted to using a tiny safety pin that barely held the sts. I wish I had had some scrap yarn but I didn't. So I cast on the sts using an e-wrap and continued.

FAIL #1 was not having a cable needle. Yes, I can cable without a cable needle - I have proof that I can (see photo above) but I prefer not to. I find it much faster to cable with a cable needle.

I then picked up the sts and made a little thumb as my thumb looked naked just protruding from the slit.
It fits perfectly but I knew that. I was measuring as I went - I am sure I got a few strange looks from passers-by on the plane but I didn't notice. The elderly lady sitting next to me was fascinated and watched me the whole time.

It is a bit messy looking on the hand without the buttons to hold it on.
I started the second mitt but I only have a couple of the cable twists done. I think I'll have it done next week. I don't like the buttons I bought - plus I made 6 button holes in the mitt and only have 10 total buttons (FAIL #3). So I am planning to go tomorrow with the mitt in hand and buy more buttons.

I spent this afternoon (actually about 30 mins) polishing my silver jewelry. I haven't been able to wear any of it as all were badly tarnished. Now they are looking nice and I can wear them. I used some stuff I found in the grocery store in the US - Wright's Silver Cream. It does a nice job.
No spinning or knitting since I got back as I've been at work (remember that?) and busy with jet-lag in the evening. I pretend it doesn't exist and try not to sleep in daylight or turn the lights on at night. But I do go to sleep early and get up early. If it is still dark, I stay in bed with the light off and listen to podcasts.

It might take some adjustment to go to work for a full week after 2 weeks off.

Last but not least, some lovely fall colors from Pennsylvania...
Shanghai is hot (79 F/27 C) and humid so I am vicariously enjoying the crisp fall weather by looking at the photos.

and a NYC skyline taken from the Whitestone bridge...
We were crawling along so I whipped out the camera and took a photo.

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