Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sydney Harbor and the Bridge

Sydney Harbor is just absolutely beautiful. The water is a deep, deep blue and I find it very relaxing to sit and look at the water.

We walked to the edge of the water right under the bridge and then we walked back to the point where you can climb up to the deck of the bridge. There is a pedestrian walkway across the bridge and we walked over and back, taking photos along the way. There is also an elevator that goes up to the top of one of the pylons where there is a museum and you can also put on a harness and go on the Bridge Climb. This guided walk and climb takes you onto the catwalks that are used for maintenance. We chose not to do either of these things.

Can you see the little people up there? I imagine the view would be fabulous from up there vs. on the deck, which is where I was. But I'd be too focused on not slipping that I wouldn't be able to look around!
We were also able to view the bridge from the Harbor and from the Opera House. Like the Opera House, the bridge is iconic. It is not a very long bridge and when you go over it in a car, it doesn't seem like much. It doesn't even look like much when you are on the deck of the bridge. But its curving lines with the strong. solid pylons on either end is just very graceful and sturdy at the same time.
This is a view of the bridge from the Opera House.

We didn't go to the North Shore of the harbor at all. Our only views were from the bridge and the ferry. But we did go to the North Shore by train to visit a friend in one of the northern suburbs.

Our harbor tour was a trip to Manly on the ferry. Manly is on a peninsula right on the Pacific Ocean. It is a very popular place for Sydney-siders to go on a nice weekend. Fortunately, we went on a weekday so it wasn't very crowded. I will get to Manly itself in another post. Today we will focus on the ride.

I told you the water was blue, didn't I? That is the opening to the open water outside the harbor.
That is the Sydney Tower in the center.
You get to look at the bridge and the Opera House from far away and then you get closer and closer and closer. It is really a beautiful way to see Sydney in a hurry.
I hope you enjoyed this 3-min tour of the harbor. Next time it will be Sydney away from the water.

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Stitchmistress said...

I NEED to go there sometime in my life. Thanks for sharing.