Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Knitting Camp!

I have missed going to Meg Swansen's Retreat 2.75 for the past 2 years. The Campers are like family and going back was exactly like going to a family reunion.

I got there a day early and so Linda and I went to Jurustic Park on the Thursday morning. That deserves its own blog entry so I won't talk about it yet. The retreat starts with dinner on Thursday evening and ends with breakfast on Monday.

I completely forgot to take pictures till the last day but I more than made up for it. I won't bother you with all the photos but here's a sampling.
 I caught Meg taking a picture of me!
 That's Jane the devilish dragon who was a hit at the contest - theme was 'If I had wings"
 People looking at the immense array of donated goods during the raffle. Our retreat holds a raffle with items donated by the attendees to raise money for scholarships for the following year's Camps. This way people who can't afford to go can attend.
 Amy Detjen - our fearless leader in all things technical looking cute.
 The Schoolhouse Press room with all the goodies for us to look through and play with. We don't really play. Just drool. No, we don't drool either. Just walk around with glassy eyes. I can't believe the room is empty!
 In the evenings, we mill about and chat and knit and spin and visit. We also get to look at the marvelous samples that are placed on tables around the room.
Another view of the evening sessions. There is also a small market on Saturday but since I didn't pull my camera out till Sunday, no photos of it.

I didn't buy much this year. I have too much stuff. I got a small book of Turkish colorwork patterns, some alpaca roving, a scarf, yarn for a pair of socks for DH and some cards. I also won some yarn for my contest entry and a couple of needle cases in the raffle.

It was a lot of fun meeting everyone. These are my people, my tribe!

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nancy said...

We do belong to one another! It was the best time, place, people even though a few of us were missing. Next year!