Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back at last

I have been silent because I've been travelling and not well. There is nothing worse than being ill while on the road.

I had good intentions. I took my camera to Madrona to record the event and blog about it but I didn't. I lost my memory card and so that plan came to naught. Then I was going to blog text posts but caught a cold or had a bad allergy after I left Madrona and went to the Bay area on a business trip. It was all I could do to keep up with work for the first couple of days and just wanted to stay in bed. But staying in bed in a hotel room is not exactly like staying in bed at home so I didn't.

After that, I got better with drugs but I was still exhausted and falling into bed after dinner without even thinking about blogging.

I came home early this am (12:15 am to be exact) and will now set about recording my doings over the past couple of weeks. There is a lot of exciting stuff to talk about but each deserves its own time in the spotlight so I won't rush it.

I am glad to be home.

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mehitabel said...

Oooo, no fun being sick on the road! I picked up food poisoning on my last trip east and missed out on the last couple of days of planned activities (including a visit with my son) as well as an utterly miserable flight back. Will look forward to hearing about your adventures at Madrona!