Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am one lucky gal!

I had two more acquisitions in the mail this week. I am tickled to death about both of them.This is from my friend Bettina. I mailed her a pair of socks that didn't fit me and looked as if they would fit her. I asked for some unusual (to me) yarns in exchange. She overwhelmed me by what she sent. The pink and lavender yarn on the left is a merino/cashmere sock yarn from Posh yarn in the UK. The other two are cashmere yarns from Hipknits, also in the UK. The center is a sock yarn and the one on the right is laceweight. I love the colors and the yarns are to die for.
Next comes another luscious yarn. I have always drooled over the Swan, ever since I acquired Poems of Color. It is finally available from Solveig Gustafsson at the original Bohus gauge. I really wanted the black version but it wasn't available. Solveig has also done a beige version but I didn't really like that. The white one would not look good on me at all. After some discussion, she agreed to substitute a pale grey for the white main color. So here's my Swan kit with the original pattern. in Swedish. The main color is true in the photo above but the yoke colors are better in the photo below.
I have been knitting away on my Wild Apple. It always starts slowly but then you build up a rhythm of how to work the colors and it gets more and more exciting as the colors build up to create the gorgeous yoke. Mine is just getting to the wild part. So far it has been varying shades of greens but I just did the first row of the apples and now I will be adding the vibrant colors that makes this yoke stand out.

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mehitabel said...

Gorgeous yarns! And your Wild Apple is coming right along--how nice that you have another one to look forward to after that!

That pale green laceweight is just luscious. Any ideas for it yet?