Saturday, March 1, 2008

Madrona Acquisitions

Part II of the Great Madrona Report is what I bought. I didn't buy as many items as others but I am not sure I spent any less. I didn't buy much yarn. I bought the DVD I mentioned last time and the bulk of my purchases were from Sheila and Michael Ernst at This is the primary purchase - the one I'm most excited about. It is a blown-glass bead with glass filigree work on it. You can't see the colors in the photo. It has red and orange and bits of yellow when the light hits it and of course it reflects the colors around it. In this photo, the undertones are blue because of the tissue paper surrounding it. It is large. That is a standard #2 pencil next to it. I am going to make a necklace with two relatively large beads on either side of this one and then seed beads to pick up the colors in the bead. This bead will serve as a pendant.I also bought dichroic glass buttons to go with the yarn I am going to use for the Jean Wong sweater. The swatch is underneath this button. It was the buttons that made me not want to knit a pullover but knit a jacket. Ideas for it are coming to me.These are the rest of the dichroic glass buttons. Sheila attaches the buttons to the card with a little clip so you can take them off and pin them to your swatch or sweater to see them without the card. Lastly, I bought two skeins of Shibui sock yarn so I would have something to knit since I ran out of one of the colors of the Wild Apple yoke. Solveig is sending me more yarn but I had a week's business trip after Madrona and wanted (no, needed) to have something to knit. I had taken an emergency project (which knitter has not?) but even that wouldn't serve to keep me occupied for a week. I finished the emergency project and half a sock. Here's the untouched skein - a bit over-exposed to show the colors. After Madrona, I went to the Bay area for a week. While there, Joy and I went to Daiso, a Japanese 100-yen ($1.50) store. It was a fun trip. I bought silicone baking cups and ocean life picks for my lunch. I take salsa in a little loaf pans to dip my veggie burger into, and hummus for my carrots or pretzels in a baking cup. The picks serve as fun replacements for a fork, to pick up pieces of fruit or cheese. I want to go back but there isn't one in this area. I have to wait for another trip to the Bay area for more.
Part III will be my knitting during the trip. I haven't knit much since I returned as I've been a bit tired.

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