Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Le Sideways Cardigan est fini

I am writing this ahead of schedule because I will be away at Meg Swansen's Retreat 2.75 this weekend. My computer will be lying neglected at home so I am posting before I leave. Besides, I have news to report! After all my whining about the Sideways Cardigan and my lack of motivation to knit it, I found the motivation to finish it in record time. You can see it blocking below. The motivation came from wanting to show it off at the Retreat. Also, I want to move on. I want to start working on the next project and also to finish up my Wild Apple. So I knit on, late at night on Sunday and Monday night, finishing it. I dislike knitting things flat, especially cotton. The Purelife is a lovely soft yarn but it is cotton. Spit splicing is not possible and ends can pop out. I ended most balls at the side edges but there were a couple of places in the yoke where I ran out of yarn mid-row and didn't want to tink back. Besides, by then I realized that the edges are not all that useful in this piece because there is minimal finishing at the edges.

I did a round of single crochet around all the edges and I've pinned them down so they dry flat. I lengthened the cardigan by one repeat of the wavy pattern so it comes to my waist. My midriff does not need to be showcased. I also reduced the ease to 3-4" rather than the 6-7" in the pattern.

I have to find buttons but in the meantime I will use a shawl pin to keep the top closed.

My next few posts will be all about the Retreat. Stay tuned!


Diane in Oregon said...

Nicely done, Jaya! I really like your version a lot better than the VK version. And your photos really highlight the benefit of blocking - maybe you should send a before/after to a certain catalog company, hmm?

Colleen said...

hey, Jaya, I FOUND YOU! I searched and searched, and finally remembered that you did a bunch of bohus sweaters, so I searched on Jaya and bohus, and there you were!

Great to see you (briefly) at knitting camp!