Sunday, July 4, 2010

Opinions wanted

I know I promised you a review of Knitting Green. I have it done but I'm going to post it later in the week so that you have something to read while I'm away at Knitting Camp next weekend. That is not the real reason though. I need opinions on what to knit next.

I've made a promise to knit only from stash this year. And I am finding it quite enjoyable to pull out bins and pick out yarns that I love. But it also makes choices hard because there are so many!

Here goes...

First, what project should I take to Camp to knit on? I am taking the Skew socks that I started a while ago. But in case I need something more mindless, I need another project. Door # 1: This mini-shawl in the following two leftover Schaefer Judith alpaca yarns. I have more of the darker colorway so I'll do some sort of pattern with the two colors.

Door # 2: Featherweight cardigan in this colormart silk

So which one should I take? Post a comment with your vote

Next, I am planning to knit the Sushi Ushi scarf for a class this fall. Here are three color choices - all in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn.

Choice # 1:
Choice # 2: The balls are the same as the skeins wound up just to give you a different perspective.
Choice # 3:

Again, post a comment with your vote...

Thank you for your assistance!


Giovanna said...

That colormart silk is a beautiful color, so my vote definitely goes for the Featherweight Cardigan.

For the scarf I also vote for number 2.

Which I guess is appropriate, for my two cents...

Colleen said...

I like the silk, so Door number 2.

And that pink is pretty...I'd like to see it, so do choice number 2 for the scarf.

I made up my mind before I saw Giovanna's comments, too. We just have good taste ;-)

Penny said...

Door kind of color. See you on Thursday!

I, too, am trying to knit from stash. Unless, I absolutely do not have what I need in my pink for a baby girl....just an example