Sunday, June 27, 2010

A short little update

I had meant to do a review of Knitting Green in this post but the weekend got away from me. I had commitments that I had not anticipated and that left me with no time to craft a review.

So this is an update on knitting and cooking:
  • Knitting: the contest entry is moving along. Nothing much else to say about it.
  • Cooking: I want to recommend garlic scapes to everyone. They are a secret guarded by those who frequent farmer's markets and grow their own garlic. The flavor is clean and mildly garlicky. You can only get them at this time of the year. I usually have to collect them over weeks from the CSA farm to get enough to make garlic scape pesto which is amazingly delicious. I made the mistake of telling someone this at the farm distribution and she promptly went back and collected her share. Darn! If I hadn't, maybe I could have gotten her share out of the trade bin.
That is all for now. Next weekend is a long weekend and I will do the review.

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