Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How I have been spending my time

I am back in my non-knitting mood. I am slowly working on the project since it has a deadline. I have lots of ideas of things I want to knit or design but getting down to the actual work is not at all interesting.

I have been working in the yard off and on. We have been giving many of our shrubs a hair cut. They are 20 years old and were getting rather over-grown despite pruning. I took a chain-saw to the ones by the mailbox earlier in the season and they are looking very nice now. So I am doing the same thing with other shrubs as they finish flowering. It makes for a lot of clean-up but the result is cleaner and neater looking. I also think it gives the shrubs a new lease on life.

My non-flowering hydrangea has buds on it! This is a plant I got on clearance at the end of the season a few years ago. I made the mistake of pruning the old wood at the beginning of the season. Hydrangeas flower on old wood. OK, so I should have lost one year's worth of flowers. No, it hasn't flowered at all. Maybe it was just mad at me. I have left it alone for a number of years and this is the first year I have seen buds. It always had a lot of leaves and looked pretty.

The CSA produce has started coming in. That also keeps me busy on weekends - cooking and freezing it. We get a lot of greens early in the season and they take a lot of prep time. Knitting should be a nice refreshing change of pace from all this but it isn't attracting me. Maybe I need to work at getting back into it?

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Camp is coming up Very soon!