Sunday, July 25, 2010

A quick mindless knit

A few weeks ago, I asked for votes on what to knit at Camp. The votes were mostly for the silk cardigan. I swatched but I didn't get gauge so I have to swatch a bit more to determine if I like the fabric I got, or if the fabric at the specified gauge is better.

Therefore, I started knitting the shawl at Camp. I didn't have to worry about gauge and the fabric was garter stitch. Easy peasy. The pattern I wanted to knit was the Weaver's Wool mini-shawl in an older Schaefer yarn called Judith. Here are the two colorways I had leftover from other projects.
I finished the shawl on Friday and washed and blocked it yesterday. I started with the lighter colorway, knitted 6" with just it. Then I started alternating the lighter and the darker colorway - 2 rows of each - till the lighter one ran out. After that I just kept knitting the darker one till it ran out. I had a bigger ball of the darker one in addition to the smal ball I show above. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.
Here it is, as it would be worn, from the back.
From the front, with the ends just hanging there...
I crossed the fronts here, as they might be if tied or pinned...
This is the shawl laid flat to show the coloring and the shape. I love the way the colors have worked out.

I want to welcome the folks who stopped lurking and started commenting. I love hearing your thoughts and comments. Please keep it up! For those who weren't at Camp, I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour that I sent you on - on other folks' blogs grin


Linda said...

Love the way the shawl turned out. Sometimes the simple ones turn out the prettiest. I just received the bread book. Now if life will just slow down enough to read it.

Yarny Days said...

It is lovely!