Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving past mittens

I finished one mitten this week and delivered it to the store as a sample for the class. It turned out well. I will make the other one at a later time when it isn't such a stress on my hands.

Here is the mitten on my hand. Since it is a right hand mitten, I was trying to take a pic with my left hand and so it is a bit out of focus. But I wanted to show that since the other two photos look identical.
This is the back of the mitten. Once blocked, the fringe no longer curls up. I was worried about that but it blocked out nicely.
This is the palm. If you look carefully, you can see the thumb. I am very pleased how invisible it is because that is the way it is in Liz Upitis's book. So now I feel as if this is authentic.On to a simple pair of socks for another class. It is an Evelyn Clark design and I'm using Claudia's handpainted sock yarn. I'll save photos of that for next week.

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Terry Sailingknitter said...

Beautiful mitten! And for the socks - the traditional feather and fan is a classic for good reason; it's lovely, adds scallops, and is easily modified to create a whole new look. Yep. It's one of my favorites too!