Sunday, February 1, 2009

Raindrop Lace socks

This is my new project which is going gangbusters. It is enjoyable knitting. It requires some thought and attention but not much.

Here's the pattern. It is an Evelyn Clark design by Fiber Trends.

Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern. It is a very simple 4 row variation on Feather and Fan. I love Feather and Fan variations. The needles are my very favorite Rhodo-Cristal Nacre needles. I bought them at Patternworks when I first started knitting socks and I love the slickness of them and the pointy ends. Pony Pearls are just not as slick or pointy for me. The yarn is Claudia's Hand-painted Yarn in Country Kitchen. It is very soft and I'm not sure how well these socks will last given the looser gauge (7 spi vs my usual 9 spi) and the merino. But it is a pleasure to knit with and the socks will be lovely to wear. I just have to be gentle with them.
I am past the heel gusset on the first sock. I should finish it in a day or so. The leg looks a bit long and skinny but it is extremely elastic and as it becomes wider, it shortens. It should be fine once worn.
Here's a view of the stitch pattern once it is stretched out. Isn't it pretty? I love the way the handpaint looks in this pattern.
More knitting fun next week!


Nancy said...

Very pretty, both the pattern and the yarn as it wends through the patterning.

Knitman said...

These are lovely. Women get to wear more elaborate stuff! I'll have to see if one of my friends would like a lacy pair.