Sunday, May 10, 2009

Slow progress

I know it doesn't look like much but I have been knitting away and am making slow progress. The only way I can gauge it is by how much yarn I've used up. All the ripped out yarn is knitted up and I'm about half way through the last skein that I hadn't used up until this point. I suppose the body is lengthening but it is really hard to see. I don't want to measure it yet because I'll feel discouraged. When it is about 12", I start measuring. But I really think this is going to be the right answer. The fabric feels nice and the colors are looking good.
Now I have a tip for those of you who would like to try Portuguese knitting but don't have a pin. The pin looks like this. You pin it to your shirt and use the hook to hold the yarn. It is quite convenient and I used it on the plane. It went through the metal detector without any problems.

But someone on Ravelry mentioned that she used a badge holder with a clip from a dog leash on it to hold the yarn. This avoid holes in one's shirts, although the pin doesn't make any more of a hole than a brooch. I thought I'd see if I could make one of these and try it. I have a lot of badge holders laying around from all the conferences I have attended. So I brought one home and attached a carabiner that I had from some other function. I think it was meant to hold keys that you could clip to your backpack. You can't see the badge holder too well as it is transparent but you can see the clip. In this case, the yarn goes permanently into the carabiner and you clip and un-clip the badge holder as you begin and end knitting.
I have pretty much given up on all other kinds of purling now. The Portuguese purl is quick and I can do it without looking. I tried the Norwegian purl but it is much looser and requires more movements. So I am sticking to this for the rest of this sweater. I think that I would use the combination purl for seed st and rib as it mixes better with the continental knit. I'd like to master the Norwegian purl but have to find the right knit gauge to go with it.

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