Friday, July 10, 2009

Breakfast at the Kitchen Table

This is one of the pleasures of coming to Knitting Camp. Meg's sister
Lloie owns it and the food is excellent. Meg includes a breakfast as
part of the Camp.


Colleen said...

I wanted to introduce you to my DD, I was pointing people out around the room at breakfast (but she and DH left to head out to Minnesota for the day), and _you_ are the one who made Kid Silk Haze take over my life last fall! Enabler!

The family enjoyed breakfast, too. But they were telling The Regular, sitting with us, how I talk about camp and breakfast for 24 hours straight when I get home!

Ann said...

Now I understand the need to set up email posting! Have fun at Camp!

Jessica said...

*Jealous* I'll be there soon enough though.