Sunday, July 19, 2009

Casting on - Knitsarina style

I always seem to cast on 3 times for anything. Mostly it is because I
am a Goldilocks when it comes to the tail of a long tail cast on. It
must not be too long or too short. It must be just right.

However I rarely cast on twice making the mistake I made today. I
misread the calculations I made and cast on twice the desired number
of sts! Something didn't seem quite right but I did not figure it out
till after I had cast on 416 sts TWICE!

True to my usual experience the cast on tail was perfect the 3rd time,
when I only needed to cast on 208 sts. Whew! Glad I figured it out
before I knit too far on the larger number of sts.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

I have begun liking to use two yarn ends to cast on. I'd much rather have a second tail to weave in, than have a too long leftover, or run out and start over (weaving in takes less time for me than starting over does).

But it turns out that casting on in two colors, then working with a third, giving you 5 ends to weave in (for each of two fronts, a back, and two sleeves) is TOO MANY. But the little sweater came out cute ;-)