Sunday, November 15, 2009

768 sts - oh my!

What do 768 sts look like? A big mess, that is what. Here they are. All 129 rounds of Stor Rund Dug. The sts are crowded on the needle and I can't spread them out enough to show you what it looks like.

But the real question today is whether there is a right or a wrong side to this garter st based edging. I have done half a repeat so far. Here's one side...Here's the other with a bit of the shawl pattern showing...I can't distinguish any real differences between them. I think I'll stick to the way it is coming out for now, but I'd love to hear if you can see a difference or have a preference.

Here is the chart I created for the edging. It is an old classic called Cockleshell. I wanted something that echoed the triangle shapes in the shawl. You can see them right above the edging. It also had to be a multiple of 8 so the triangles would fit exactly into the shapes in the edging.

And a photo of it in the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. It is the lower one.

This is the edging I am going to do at the neckline. Remember, this is a donut shaped circular shawl with a hole in the middle for my neck. So this edging, from Knitting Lace by Barbara Abbey, is going at the neckline. It is much narrower but has some similar elements to the one on the bottom.
That is what it looks like in the book.
Sorry for the really bad photos. It got dark so I had to use the flash. In some cases, that washed out the photo so I went back to no-flash.

I hope there will be better pictures next week.


Ann said...

Lovely! The bind off will feel like forever though. I have the t-shirt.

I can't see the difference between the 2 in your photo, but from my experience, the "right side" has a chain stitch look along the edge where I attach it to the working piece. This is because of my SSK. I like the look.

Preeti said...

Ahh, but blocking will make all the difference. I can't tell from the photos about which one is the right side but I like the look of the second one because I think that I can see a bit of the shawl. Lovely color!

Amrita said...

It's huge! You have real guts to make this - and I mean it in an admiring way, of course! :) Once it is blocked though, it will look like magic!!


Yvonne in England said...

You have a mammoth task on your hands! I've always believed that the first ridge of garter stitch would be on the wrong side, since that's how it appears directly after the cast-on. When I have that problem, I put a safety pin in on the right side to remind me where I am (because I can always see the pin when I have the front facing me).