Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another shawl complete!

Timantti is done. I made quite a number of changes from the original. I did the plain parts in garter as I prefer garter stitch for hand-painted yarns. I am quite pleased with the result. I also added a second section of the hand-painted yarn below the lace. As a result, I've used up 2 50 gm balls of Irving Park and what was left of a ball of Violet in Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock.
I kept the lace in stockinette as I felt it would look better. I am pleased with the result.
I was concerned about the difference in gauge between the stockinette lace and the garter center. To adjust for it, I went up a couple of needle sizes. The result is a little waviness but it actually makes the shawl stay on better.
In retrospect, I should have gone up a needle size in the middle of the garter center and then another needle size at the stockinette. The final garter section is done on the same needle as the stockinette.

I am also happy with the size. I have decided that I'm not a small shawl person. I like larger shawls. So this is the size I like. It goes over the shoulders and keeps my neck clear. I hate stuff around my neck. I haven't found a good way to wear a small shawl without it being around my neck.

Now back to the Rose Lace Collar Bohus...

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