Thursday, October 6, 2011

A mixed bag of goodies...

both figuratively and literally. First the literal part. My Tour de Fleece prize arrived yesterday. I got a lovely spindle bag, a notions bag, a cute guy and 6 glazed donut soaps. So cute! I love goat's milk soap. In fact I only use locally made goat's milk soap from Clove Valley Soapworks on a daily basis. I will be stocking up at Rhinebeck although I can get it at other places locally also.
Now on to the figurative mixed bag of goodies!

First, a lovely blue skein of BFL that I just finished plying. It is a 2 ply from singles that were spun from the fold. The fiber is from Gale's Art, who will also be at Rhinebeck. It is very squooshy.
I also FINALLY finished spinning some white BFL I bought at Rhinebeck years ago when I got my Bosworth spindle. I have been rolling the singles into balls that I will ply some day. I am so sick of white that I need a break. Here is the spindle and all the little balls that have been wound off from it. The tiny ones on the lower left are the first ones I spun on it. The larger ones on top are more recent.
This is what I'm going to spin next on the spindle. Lovely Polwarth from Briar Rose that I got at Camp this summer. She will also be at Rhinebeck.
And last, but not least, is the Rose Lace Collar who may or may not make it to Rhinebeck this year. As you can see, the second sleeve is almost done. I have to do the colorwork, stitch up the hems, crochet the steeks, cut them and then do the bands. Progress is being made slowly but steadily but I don't do well with deadlines and I want to make sure this is right, so I don't want to rush it.

And that is the mixed bag of goodies for now... I won't be posting till after Rhinebeck unless I finish the Rose Lace Collar.

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