Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick FO

I started this on Friday night and it is done. Yes, it was a bit of a stretch to finish it in 2 days. But these were two football days. I knitted as I watched four games this weekend and it is done.

Closeup of the corrugated knitting which forms the cowl. This is a k2, p2 rib done in 2 colors. I had the advantage of using Noro Silk Garden for the second color so I didn't have to join yarns. That definitely sped up the process.Here is the finished cowl. It is bulky but will be warm and definitely cheery. Purple is my favorite color!
I will be taking a few days off knitting before I begin anything new. My hands can sure use the rest. Plus, it is back to work tomorrow so there are fewer hours to knit anyway.

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