Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finally making progress

I am making Maluka with the yarns that I picked out. Maluka is much smaller than Kleio, which was my original choice. I ran out of the handspun far short of the garter st section and didn't want to re-size Kleio. So I went with Maluka even though I will have a lot of the yarn leftover, I think. My Maluka should be a good size since I am using thicker yarn and a bigger needle (4.5 mm vs 4 mm).

Kleio starts with the body and then adds the lace edging. Maluka starts with the lace edging and then adds the body. The lace edging of course is boring after the first few repeats. But I stuck with it for the requisite 33.Here is Maluka with part of the body done. I think I will be done in a day or two. I picked up 149 sts on each side of the center instead of the prescribed 100. I think this will make a deeper shawl. We shall see.

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