Sunday, February 12, 2012

Color for a drab February

I am in the mood for color. I think it is because of the drab grey and brown landscape outside. So let's start with the brights. This is the color combination I have picked out for a Color Affection shawl. I love this designer's patterns. You'll see...I had a couple of skeins of Tosh Light Merino but decided I would rather put them towards this shawl. So I traded in Antique White for the two colors of Ella Rae on the left side. The right blue yarn is Lorna's Laces.

Next up is the current project. I had some self-striping sock yarn and combined it with some dark navy to make a Stripe Study shawl. This is by the same designer as the Color Affection Shawl. I am quite pleased with the way this is turning out. I am almost out of the self-striping yarn so it will be all blue from this point on.
Lastly, I have an FO to report. I finished this shawl - a Maluka shawl - that I made out of handspun BFL/silk (the darker red on top) and a Claudia's Handpaints in Paprika for the lace section. The handspun was from Corgi Hill, called Poppy.
The handspun was easy to knit. It was a 3 ply, spun worsted. I was pleased with how even it was. I was worried about it being thick and thin but there were only a few spots like that. Given that I am coming up on my first anniversary of spinning seriously, I can't complain.

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