Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another shawl done

Yes, it is starting to become ho-hum for me too. But I am using up my sock yarn stash and it is going a lot faster than socks. So I am happy. Also, shawls make great gifts, especially sock yarn shawls, because they are machine washable and quite durable.

This one is another Stripe Study shawl. I made one for my niece last year and enjoyed knitting the pattern. I thought it would break up the stripes and make it more interesting. And I was right. The navy is actually two colors. The top and all the stripes are a lighter navy and then there is a band of darker navy across the bottom. I had two partial skeins of navy and decided to use them up.
I am very excited about my next spinning project. I signed up for a Fleece of the Quarter club at my spinning guild. I got my first fleece on Friday. We get to wash, card/comb, spin and make something from it - keeping detailed records/samples in a journal. Then we meet and discuss our experiences and compare the results.

I think it will help me understand how to process a fleece without having to deal with a whole one. Also, I will get to understand differences in technique and differences in the actual wool of various breeds.

Here is the wool I got from a sheep called Mint. She is a Dorset-Hampshire cross.
This is a closer look at the locks with a 3x5" index card by the side for reference. I will be documenting my experiences here so you will all get to journey along with me.
I have started working on my Swedish Heart-warmer shawl again. It is slow going as I am weaving in the floats as I go. This means that I have to learn to weave in on the purl side and that is something new. My fingers are slowly learning the process. It will get faster as I progress on the shawl.

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