Sunday, February 26, 2012

A whole lot of misc going on

Since I didn't have a mindless project, I started one. This is the Shetland top that I spun. I started a Fenna shawl from Myrna Stahman's Shawls and scarves book. I've done all the tough part - the shoulder shaping. Now I just have to knit and knit and knit till I'm done with the 3 balls of yarn I have. They will be knit in order from right to left and I hope the shawl will get slowly darker as I go down. It won't be completely dark but just the overall look will be darker.

I bought some beads yesterday. This is the one I love. The yarn is something that I plied together and I want to knit in a gold strand with it. The beads pick up the colors of the yarn perfectly.
The colors are truer in this picture.
I gave away my Spring Stripe Study shawl to a friend as it was more her style than mine. In return I got this lovely skein of Skinny Bugga. I got beads that perfectly match the colors too!
On to fleece washing. I am done with all the locks except a small bit that isn't separating into locks very easily.
There are some differences in the amount of VM in the locks. The ones above are quite clean.
Contrast that with these. I wonder what I'm going to be left with after I remove the VM from these?
The part above is the really dirty part of the fleece. The part that resulted in the dirty locks above. I wonder if this came from the legs of the sheep.
This was the clean part. See how nice and orderly the locks are? And how much less VM there is?
Here they are - all laid out to dry. On to flicking and carding next.

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