Saturday, March 3, 2012

Locks without keys

I've been cleaning locks (locks from sheep, of course) all week. The results are amazing. When we last left the process, I had finished washing most of them. I am now done with all the washing and most of them are ready for spinning. Be prepared for an amazing transformation!This collage is a summary of the work. The washed locks full of vegetal matter (VM) are on the left. Going clockwise around the collage, you can see the tools I used, the final fiber ready for spinning and the waste in the bin. The waste is short cuts, VM and tangles.

Looking at each in detail, this is the last bit of fiber I have to process. It is pretty typical of the fiber after washing. Lots of VM.I combed them with this dog comb (on the bottom) and also used the slicker (on the top) when the tangles were too much for the comb. I treated the locks as if they were my hair.

The end result is amazing. This is the fiber that I am ready to spin. I think I am going to spin it from the fold.And here is what was discarded. You can see the VM in the bin.

Now, on a totally different topic, I have been drinking green tea during the day since January. I have cut down my coffee consumption to one cup in the am. Up to this week, I have been finishing off tea bags that had accumulated in the house. This week I am starting on loose tea, which is what I really like. Loose tea can be a pain when you are on the go. I found this tea travel mug in Panama and it is my work mug.On the top is the tea in a little strainer that sits in the mug. The left lower picture shows the screw top on the mug. It is water tight and doesn't leak. The inside is all stainless steel so it doesn't impart a taste to the tea. On the right you can see the mug with its top on. It is sleek and keeps the tea hot for a long time. And, with the top screwed on, I can safely take it to meetings without spilling hot tea on myself or other people.

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Colleen said...

I got a similar mug, Thermos brand, at Teavanna. I will keep tea too hot to drink indoors for *hours*, if closed. If in the car, below freezing, it keeps it nice and hot for at least and hour, and at least warm for a few hours.