Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here are the results of my sample skein dyeing. 9 really colorful skeins. From left to right, they are
Leaf green, Sky blue, Orange, Christmas Red, Magenta #1, Violet, Magenta #2, Chartreuse and Lemon Yellow.
Magenta #1 is done with Sky Blue to which I added almost an equal amount of Pink. Magenta #2 is Pink with a tiny bit of Sky Blue. Chartreuse is Lemon Yellow with a tiny bit of Leaf Green. The others are the result of adding 1/18 of a teaspoon of the color from the Wilton's set to the yarn.

I think I need a lot more Christmas Red and Violet to get the depth of color I want. But that is why I dyed these samples. The Violet also broke. You can see bits of blue in some spots. It is quite attractive but I have to see if I like it in the project I have planned.

I am visualizing dyeing a skein of yarn in yellow morphing to chartreuse. I am happy with the colors I have for this skein. The other coordinating skein needs to be Magenta and a deeper Violet.

So here's the combo with Magenta #1

And here's the combo with Magenta #2What do you think? Which looks better?


Sanhita said...

My vote is for the first set, Jaya! You got some lovely shades, I am drooling over them! :-)

Ru said...

Gorgeous colours!!! I like the first combo better, Jaya.

yarn_lady said...

I like the first set better Jaya! Gorgeous colors!

Jes said...

my vote for the first set too :) but all of them are such lovely colors...