Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update on my doings

I've been telling you about the class and I didn't give you any idea of what I have been up to. I have been knitting and spinning but less of both, mainly to take a break from all the intensive spinning I did during class.

First, the knitting: I have been slowly working on the Girl Friday sweater. I am making it in Cascade Venezia in a gorgeous red color. It is for a class I am teaching but I am actually running behind the class at this point. I have to catch up by the next class. The reason it is going slowly is that it hurts my hands to knit it. I have no idea why. Spinning seems to be easier on my hands right now.

Here are the fronts and back, joined at the shoulders.
 Now I am knitting the first sleeve. I am ready to start the sleeve cap so it will be done today, I hope.

 On to spinning: Not too much on the spindle. I spun the batt that I made out of the Lincoln-Corriedale fleece from class. After that I have been plying. I plied the singles from the fleece to make a second skein. Then I took the singles that we did in the colorwork part of the class (which I will cover in a future post) and plied them to create a colored skein.

I am not sure I will make anything from this colored skein as it is a bit too colorful. But who knows? Someday it might be perfect for something. Right now, it is a good record of what I tried in class. I will break that down in the near future.

I am now spinning a roving from Hidden Valley Fibers. I am amazed at how easy it is to spin. It literally spins itself. I am spinning it long draw since that is a new skill that I have. But there is no struggle here. It spins evenly and easily and it shows how excellent fiber prep makes spinning a joy!
 It is called Spring Fling and is a blend of 85% Coopworth and 15% silk.
 There it is, on the bobbin - all the pretty colors showing up!

Back to work so I have more to show you next week!

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