Thursday, October 25, 2012

Woo Hoo! another prize

A long time ago, a colleague and friend told me that I should enter more contests and lotteries. The topic came up because I told him it was useless entering because I never win. At the time, he said that everyone's luck evens out over time so if I had not won, then there were a lot of wins stacked up in my corner. Yeah right....

Well, I now believe he was right. A few years ago, I won some yarn and a book at the Knitting Camp raffle. And since then, I've won a few other things. But I seem to have hit the jackpot this year.

I won a pattern as a prize in the 12 shawls in 2012 group. a cookbook from Serious Eats, and a pretty nice door prize at the Fiber Fallout 2012 (that one is still on my list of topics to write about). But I really made it big in the Tour de Fleece this year.

First of all, I won a great supported trindle from Momi on Etsy. Now, last week I won two more belated prizes. One isn't here yet but the other one arrived yesterday.
It is a pretty shawl pin with a lovely note from the donor (and maker of the pin). Just in time for shawl weather too!

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