Sunday, June 24, 2012

A couple of weeks of catch-up

I took pictures last weekend but somehow forgot to post. So you are getting a double post today.

Last Sunday, I washed the Coopworth fleece that I got in May as part of the Fleece of the Quarter club. I was not very careful. I forgot to weigh it. I just put them in two mesh bags and soaked and washed them in two foil pans. I used an old spatula to move them around in the pans.
I spun them dry between washing and rinsing in my washer. Yes, it is a front loader but if you put it on a high spin cycle the fiber doesn't move. It just sticks to the outside of the drum. I wash my handknits in there too.
 There are the clean washed locks. I didn't photograph them before I washed them.
 There is still a lot of vegetal matter in the locks. I am going to pick and fluff them before I card the fiber.
 Here you can see some of the VM that I was able to pull out. A lot of hay and grass seeds.

 Some of the tips are still dirty. I have to pull them off as I pick.
 There is the clean fleece drying in my bathroom. I am afraid it is still there. I haven't touched it since. I have been busy spinning.

Here is the next and last batch. This is a Montadale/Corriedale cross and I am excited because it isn't white.

 I am working away trying to get this Briar Rose Polwarth spun before Knitting Camp on July 12th. You can see how much I have left. 4 sections left to spin. If I do 2 a week, I'll be done in time to ply and finish it before Camp. You can see the two plying balls that I have been winding as I spun. This one is all spindle spun.

 I have also been spinning on this Blue-Faced Leicester from Miss Bags. I got it at Rhinebeck last year. It is called Scarlet Ibis and I love the color!
Lastly, aren't these buttons cute? I just got them this week. I can't tell you why yet. But I love them.

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