Saturday, June 9, 2012

A milestone spinning FO

 I finished a spindle spun project. This was roving I bought from Frelsi Farms at the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival in 2010. I had spun some of it at a spindle class I took and liked it a lot. Plus the variation in the roving made it easy to see the twist. I bought the baby icelandic as it was soft and silky. There were times when I enjoyed spinning it and times when I didn't. It was definitely boring from a color perspective. Sometimes the fibers just flowed like silk and at other times they got tangled into knots. I now realize that there is a nap to this fiber and I may have been drafting from the wrong end at times. Oh well.. the life of a beginning spinner!
 The end result is a lovely 2-ply laceweight. Yes, there are some bumpy spots but it is mostly very nice and even. As I built up cops, I wound them into balls and stored them in a ziploc bag. I bought these two pots last week. I put one ball in each pot and threaded the single through the hole and plied. I didn't ply on the spindle. I found I didn't like it so I have been plying on the Hansen.
 The biggest problem I ran into was that the balls would get stuck in the hole when they got small enough. I had wound these on bits of fiber so they started quite small. Since then, I have bought these styrofoam balls for the cores of the balls. It is easier on the hands and I am hoping that the singles will flow off them more smoothly than from the smaller fiber cores.
 And here is the Golding. She's tired after her extended project and so she is resting in her case for a few weeks while I spin on other spindles. I loved spinning on her. She is fast, smooth and spins forever!
I think this is going to be a shawl with beads. I have Indian feathers ear-marked for the yarn as I have beads to match. But I may change my mind before I start.

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