Friday, June 29, 2012

Tour de Fleece 2012

I have been spinning a lot this week because I wanted to finish up the Briar Rose Polwarth. It is all done! I am plying it.
That is part of it plied on the Hansen. It is looking as pretty as I expected it to.
I had an interesting week. I went to see a minor league baseball game for the first time. It was the Montgomery Biscuits in Montgomery AL. 

This is a sumo wrestling match that you can see in the center right of the photo.

The stadium is beautiful and there is a lovely lit up building in the background in this photo.

And now that we have finished the preliminaries, on to the Tour de Fleece. It starts tomorrow. My goal is to spin from the fold on the spindle. I am going to use one of my Trindles.

This is what I am going to use. It weighs 24 gms with the arms. I also took the opportunity to take photos of all my arm sets. The arms above weigh 18 gms.

These two sets weigh 10 gms each set. The bottom ones are copper hearts and are new.

The two above weigh 4 gms each. The bottom ones are new again and are golden dragons on a clear bead.
I took a close-up hoping you could see the dragon. But you can't. It is tough to see. Last but not least, here is the fiber I will be spinning. My goal is to spin at least 10 mins a day.
It is from Into the Whirled and is a Targhee top.
Now to just wait for the starting gun.

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