Monday, April 1, 2013

Knitting in unexpected places

And no, that doesn't refer to my knitting in unexpected places. It refers to seeing knitting in unexpected places. I was on a plane destined for Beijing and picked up the airline magazine because I was bored. I couldn't knit because my pattern was on the iPad and we were taking off, so no electronic equipment [I knew there was a reason I should have printed the chart!]

Guess what I found!
An article on how handknits are in fashion once again. There were some photos of classic sweaters from the 70's and 80's but also some newer creations. I had to snap photos as soon as I could turn my camera on.
I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g... they talked about weaving the sweaters with a weaving needle.

I flipped a few pages and...
... an article on socks with Kevlar in the yarn! Two in one airline magazine. That has never happened to me in all the decades I have been traveling. Not even one article. Ever. And two in one shot!

We landed in pretty bad smog.
I was glad that I had packed one of the masks I had brought from the US. I pulled it out and put it on and it did kill the smoky smell. How much of the actual fine particles were filtered out, I don't know.

This morning was much better. The building I was in was right next to the Olympic park. I got a good view from the Costa Coffee place where I had lunch on the 3rd floor.
Looking to the left was the panorama above. Looking to the right was the panorama below.
And finally, a whine about counting. Why is it that stitch counts cannot stay stable? I must have counted the 285 sts on the needle at least a dozen times yesterday and each time I came up with different numbers. Then the yarn came off the ball and tangled itself up rather nicely. So I spent most of the flight counting and untangling and didn't do any knitting. I suppose I'll have to eventually count again and put markers in every so often so I get an accurate count. I would have accepted a number that I got twice, but it was not to be. Oh well.

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kbsalazar said...

The only more annoying thing to happen during airplane knitting is to drop the ball of yarn, then hear it scuttle all the way to the far end of the plane. Double points for embarrassment if it's an international flight, and you get to "explain" the problem in fifteen languages as you try to retrieve the thing from under the other seats.

Best wishes for productive time - both leisure and professional! -Kim