Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another attempt at plying on a spindle

This post on Ravelry made me re-think my spindle-plying approach. So I decided to wind a multi-strand plying ball and see if spindle-plying might work.

Since I had already started plying, I butterflied off the plied yarn onto my hand and then started winding the ball with the plied end.
Then I continued winding the multi-stranded ball with the two singles together.
I put each singles ball into its own bowl and I was able to stop and start without tangles by putting the plying ball right next to the singles balls with very little yarn between them.
And there is the multi-stranded ball with the two cores of the singles balls next to them. I had to end with an Andean plying bracelet to get the last singles on the second ball. If you remember, this the fiber where I had to toss a bunch of the singles because they got tangled on the bobbin. So one single was significantly shorter. Now apparently the hard works is done and I can ply easily. I will probably start today.

Now on to something completely different. I had an adventure yesterday. I went to the Cao'an fabric market, which focuses on household fabric and soft furnishings. I wanted to buy a mattress pad and some towels but I also wanted to check it out for future reference.
It is gigantic. We spent most of our time on the first floor which is for soft furnishings - bedding, cushion covers, upholstry, curtains, etc.
This photo looks down one of the cross aisles from an intersection. It just goes on forever and is lined with booths that sell various things.
Looking 90 degrees from that view down one of the cross-aisles that bisect the main aisle, you can see the depth of the market. Remember the aisle goes on behind me also.

Booths tend to be clustered by the type of thing they sell. All the sheet vendors are clustered together. They will custom make bedding for you from samples - so you can get a complete bed-set with pillows and shams and comforter and anything else all custom made. It takes about a week. But I wasn't looking for custom-made stuff. Here is a booth that sells table coverings - table clothes, runners, etc. as well as things like tissue box covers, pen holders, and other small items. All the booths are jam-packed with goods.
You can get quilts made to order with various fill.
One of the options is silk.
In front of the sign is a silk batt.

The second floor, where we did not spend any time, is devoted to clothing. You can get jeans, suits, anything made to order there. And then lastly, the top floor is devoted to household decor like carpets, china, decorative objects, silk flower arrangements, picture framing, etc. We spent some time wandering around and checking out various stores but I didn't purchase anything there.

I came home with 4 bath towels and 4 hand towels and a mattress pad. You can negotiate with some of the vendors. Others won't. And you have to check the quality of what you are buying because it varies from booth to booth and there is no standardization. I have to see if the towels are good. They seem heavy and absorbent and are 100% cotton but we'll see how they hold up to washing and use.

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