Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finished the Corriedale

I finished spinning up the Corriedale single today. I decided to wind it off right away. For some reason, where the cop gets narrow, the fiber gets fuzzy and I was worried I might lose a bit if I let it sit. So I wound it off into a plying ball, which I think is a relatively safe storage medium.
There is the spindle, all dressed up in a creamy white. I don't know how much that is because I didn't weigh it. I guess I will at some point.
And now we present the nekkid spindle with the single all neatly wound up. I think I will spin some silk later and ply it with this to make a nice laceweight scarf or shawl. So for now, this ball will just sit and wait till its partner is ready for the plying dance.

Next up are 3 balls of Ferndale Fibers roving. Two are in this color - Paradise. And one is Stormy Sea. I am thinking of making a 3 ply which will yield a vaguely self-striping yarn.
There are all 3 of them. This is roving so it should be easy to spin long draw on a supported spindle. The Neal Brand Tibetan seems to spin a bit slower than the Malcolm Fielding dervish so I think I will get a loftier yarn which should make a nice 3-ply.

Stay tuned!

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Penny said...

Love those blues and greens together!